Coming from a design background, the creative project this week was a return to familiar roots for me — with a twist.

Working through the initial creative process is something I have done countless times in the past, so much so that I have a process I follow which I know gets results. It is generally accepted that making a mindmap encourages divergent thinking, and selecting a path to follow and develop encourages convergent thinking; both equally important in concept generation.

However, for all the benefits a structured approach brings, isn’t it true that you cannot have complete creativity when you follow restricted paths? Isn’t it necessary to go outside of your comfort zone to expose your mind to new things? Inspiration comes from your life experiences, so restricting these only restricts your inspiration.

And so it follows that my idea was heavily influenced by a personal interest of mine — football — yet the real creativity behind the idea came to me at a point in spacetime that I had not been exposed to before. Whilst out jogging late at night in the cold and for the first time in the dark, I was amongst groups of young people playing Pokemon Go that had no business being out at that time. Augmented reality; a technology I was very much aware of but had not seen the value in suddenly had new possibility.

The creative process should not be limited at it’s outset; limitations are imposed as concepts develop by so many areas — technical constraints, budgets, timelines to name a few. Your idea will always be compromised if it is to be realised as an application, so don’t impose any unnecessary restrictions on it before you even get started — give it a twist.

Discoveries are often made by not following instructions, by going off the main road, by trying the untried - Frank Tyger