It’s a bit like an app jam, only with no warning, and the looming possibility of death.

On Valentine’s Day my appendix exploded. However, until midday the following day I had put it down to extreme food poisoning; 24 hours later and efficient work by the NHS saw it removed and sent me on my way.

Sometimes we feel we are a burden on the NHS and are reluctant to pester them with our problems, especially if we think they might not be serious. I have been in that situation also and there is no shame in it, the skilled staff will treat you professionally regardless of your diagnosis. It is better to be safe than sorry.

So there has been a slight delay in my progress; indeed I have only just been able to comfortably sit at my desk. But with a total ban on sporting activities until April, I have plenty of time to catch up, safe in the knowledge that it can never happen again!

At least I’ll be faster on the track - Phillip Penny