With the launch twitter lite we see a change in direction for the web

I have worked in design through the rise of mobile websites, and the subsequent fall due to the rise of responsive design, the rise of mobile apps, and now it would seem we are witnessing the potential begginings of a fall in apps and a rise in mobile web.

Twitter lite is just the twitter mobile website—but it has been rebuilt with progressive enhancement in mind. It is designed first and foremost to perform well on all platforms, with improvements available to those with faster connections or better devices. This is the way all things should be built in order to ensure the best user experience for all.

When I began working in the mobile web in 2011, the app store was just taking off, and the internet was divided into desktop sites with separate—but complimentary— mobile versions. As time went by, the industry changed direction with responsive websites replacing the need for a separate mobile websites, minising maintenance cost. Mobile apps really took off, and the app stores exploded with apps for just about everything imaginable. Now with improvements in web technology, it is now possible to provide an app-like experience from a website without the user having to download anything or deal with constant updates.

Using careful design decisions, Twitter have produced a super fast website that provides all the necessary functionality of their platform and removed the need to have the separate Twitter app installed. This has benefitted me immediately by affording me more storage space by uninstalling the mobile app and replacing it with a simple link to their mobile website.

Twitter Lite icon replacing the mobile app

The fact that a major player in the internet space has made such a decision really proves how far the internet has come; it opens up a lot of new possibilities to those looking to produce apps but with limited resources.

The wheel is come full circle. - William Shakespeare