Moving forward

I started this course with the primary aim of becoming an able programmer; even if all I achieved was some resemblence of fluency in a programming language then I could consider it money well spent. As it turns out, even this introductory module has been enormously beneficial to me on my coding journey—it is always the start that is the hardest and this term I have not only got deeply involved in Python programming, but I am on the verge of releasing my first app.

This effort comes at a cost however; my reading has definitely been neglected along with my studies into the creative side of things. Luckily I had already planned for this—the whole of May can be used to work out the fine details of my app along with catching up on my reading.

I have also neglected my GitHub account, I need to begin using this as a course of habit during my programming sessions. I believe this has been affected by my transition over to the Linux operating system, because I have had to learn a lot of new systems of practice.

My SMART objective

I’m going to read at least 4 books from my reading list so that I can ensure I have covered all areas of the course. To achieve this I’m going to commit at least 10 hours per week during the 4 weeks in May, reviewing each piece of literature I cover in the form of a blog post. I am also going to make a final decision on the direction I will take concerning data handling in my PitchPal app.

The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected - Robert Frost