Target - create app structure

This week I have had to begin coding in Python and Kivy, so I set a modest target of building out the app structure. This presented one major challenge to me and it was equally philosophical and technical. With no experience in programming, how can I be sure that what I am coding is the correct way to do things? I do not want to be “hacking” a solution if I can help it.

At the moment I simply do not know - this will come with time and experience. My only guide at the moment can be the simple test - does it work? If my code works, it is correct until I come across a problem down the line that it may have caused without my prior knowledge. I can spend an hour and a day talking about the right way to go about things; indeed it is just an extension of my prior predicament - which programming language should I learn? What is important right now is that I produce results, from there I can iterate as I develop my skills and understanding.

I have failed to create the design mockups because I spent so long in the initial code setup, so this has to be pushed to next week. Encouragingly, I came up with the solution to my programming problem very early on, but then spent too long deliberating on wether it was an acceptable method, ultimately returning to my earlier code. This week I have a lot of functionality to write, so I will adopt the method of getting it working as quickly as I can, then spending any remaining time refining it.

Talk is cheap. Show me the code. - Linus Torvalds